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Enterprise Collaboration Solutions on the Microsoft stack with SharePoint & Office 365, and IaaS on Azure & Amazon Web Services

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Application Development

First we listen. Then we look for no-code/low-code solutions where applicable. Only then, do we consider coding. We leverage modern, agile, and DevOps techniques.

Secure Collaboration

With SharePoint and Office 365, IntelliPoint can build solutions to help you collaborate internally and with external business partners.

Migration Services

To the cloud, from the cloud, or version to version, we have the knowledge and skills to help you with a smooth migration.

Infrastructure Services

Weather it’s physical hardware or in the cloud, IntelliPoint can help you plan, scale and manage your infrastructure.

Identity Management

We can help you synchronize identity attributes between Active Directory, SharePoint user profiles, and other LOB systems.

“Computers are good at following instructions, but not at reading your mind.”

- Donald Knuth




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